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The Freedom to Fly!  The Falcon 4 Stroke PPG

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Relentless Performance

Welcome to the Falcon 4 Stroke Website.

Come on in and we will tell you why the Falcon 4 Stroke is your very best value in Para-Flyers.

 My name is Terry Lutke, I build and fly four stroke PPG's. 4 strokes use less FUEL than a 2 stroke.    4 strokes use less expensive regular pump gas.   Four strokes produce a lot less noise!   four Stroke Engines have been engineered with longevity in mind.  Falcon 4 strokes all have electric start for safety..just sit in the seat turn the ignition key!  4 strokes are almost maintenance free.  Local engine parts sourcing in every town, even in national chains of "Big Box Stores Repairs centers everywhere in the US  A good industrial 4-stroke engine might remain in service for several thousand hours before needing major engine work. If you fly an hour a week (about 52 hours a year), at that usage level an industrial engine might easily run fine for 30 years without an overhaul!   Make your neighbors happy, stay environmentally friendly and buy a 4 stroke Falcon!  

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