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Falcon Basic Flyer price starting at $5200
*excludes Paraglider, see options list
Call 616-262-9895 for details


Standard Falcon equipment/specs and details;

Industrial 4 stroke/V-Twin
engine oil cooler installed
All welded steel Falcon frame and prop cage
Falcon long belt drive/reduction
3 blade adjustable pitch propeller with urethane leading edge protection
11,000lb steel carabineers
Nylon super-duty lift straps (includes backup safety strap kit
Alternator (essential to charge battery & use heated clothing)
Twin low tone exhaust
Frontal Bars
‘A’ assist AutoLaunch system
‘Springer’ rear suspension
Bungee steering assist
Electric starter
Automotive type keyed ignition
12v battery rack
High capacity 12v battery included
Automotive style copper battery cables
Hand held throttle with Engine Kill Button
Durable powder coat finish
Padded seat and back rest
2 point lap seat belt
15" diameter rear tires/10” front steering wheel
Front wheel mud flap
side mount fuel container (4-6hrs hours of flight time)
Fuel level sight tube
In-line fuel filter


Standard available colors are black, silver vein, red, white, with other colors available on request.



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Add on Options


Paragliders..We have the lowest package pricing anywhere..call for glider specs and pricing
UL super-sized Mayday reserve parachute installed $950
5 gallon side mount aluminum keg tank $150
Cage netting $110
Seat side bars $55
Basic flight training course, must include equipment purchase $1700
Tachometer installed $75
Super bright strobe light installed $160
8" inflation assist mirror installed $80
4 point single lever quick release seat harness $90 




Approximate Performance, Capacity, and Weight;

Machine dry weight 235lb +-
Rear wheel width 60-75"”
Length 72” estimated
Height with prop cage installed is 78"+-
Fuel capacity 5 gal (4-6hrs duration)
Normal fuel use is est 1-1.25 gal per hour
Fuel grade # 87 pump gas
Max pilot weight/350 lbs (depending on wing selected and field elevation)
Roll after landing 25’ to 75’
Top speed 25mph-30mph

Falcon PPG

Falcon with Frontal Bars

W/optional Frontal Bars, Click to enlarge W/optional Frontal Bars, Click to enlarge

   W/optional Frontal Bars, Click to enlarge 




Building a Falcon



Seat Option

Seat Folded

Seat and Tank

Fuel Tank Option

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