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Falcon Owners

Hello Terry,  Just a quick note to tell you how happy I am with my  Falcon Flyer!  I have had more fun flying than I ever dreamed.  It  truly is a dream come true!!!!!  Your design for the falcon is  brilliant!! It flies like a dream.. My only problem is that I don't sleep  very well on nights that I am planning to fly the next day because of extreme excitement!  Thanks for making a life long dream come true!
 If you ever need a recommendation please contact me.
Sincerely Joel Hovestol


Don't buy a Falcon 4 stroke !
I've done some bone headed things but this is the worst.

In 2009 I traded my beautiful little two stroke Trike for one of Terry s machines.

I should have known that first day. On the maiden flight, I parablended my favorite cap right there in front of everybody. The 4 stroke was so quiet I didn't think to put on my helmet and plugs. Imagine....A machine so quiet you don't notice your not wearing ear protection... until your cap goes through the prop. That's a dangerous machine! Yeah, I did go to idle the other day to use the cell phone... but so what?

Every day I find another flaw in this crappy machine. I used to love driving out to the Airport for AV Gas. They let me drive on to the tarmac with the GA guys so I could fill my two 5 gallon gas jugs. I'd drive to the back of the line and wait my turn. Sometimes it took awhile to fill those big birds but it gave me some time ro read the latest issue of Powered Sport Flying. I used to get a lot of good thinking done sitting in the truck waiting for gas. Now, I don't even need the jugs, I just stop at the gas station on the way to the field and fill the buggy right there in the truck. Where is the romance in that? And that reminds me of another thing. What am I going to do with those cases of TTS 2 stroke oil in my garage?

And speaking of the garage....my " Man Cave "... I haven't had a good night working on the machine in months. Yeah sure, I can re-rig the foot steering or mount a strobe but mostly I just sit there and gaze at the machine. No changing tension springs on the exhaust or rebuilding the carb. Heck, I'm having a hard time finding a place that needs a little safety wire. It just isn't the same I come in after 3 hours in the garage and I don't even need to wash my hands. It just sucks!

And the flying is different too. Gone is that element of uncertainty, I sit down, buckle the seat belt and turn the key. There is no sense of accomplishment in that. No fooling with the carb or pulling on the starter till I'm bathed in sweat. The other day I flew 15 miles from the LZ and didn't think once about what a drag it would be if I had to land out. Sure, I still keep an eye out for emergency landing sites but it's really just an exercise anymore. I can still remember the thrill of an engine out, what a rush those were!

So take my advice, if you love the 2 stroke lifestyle, don't by a Falcon 4 stroke.

Seriously, almost 200 flights on Terry s machines without a single problem related to the Paramotor or trike. Footlaunch is King, but once you decide to make the transition to wheels, 4 stroke is the only way to go. The Falcon is the most reliable and affordable PPG on the market

Joe Onofrio . http://poweredparaglidingcolorado.blogspot.com/


Thank you so much for introducing me to this incredible sport!

I never realized how many "lookers" I was going to get while flying. Nearly every flight I watch people stop their cars or stand in their yards looking up at me and waving. Upon landing people are always coming up to me and asking all sorts of questions about this "strange" flying machine. I love being able to share with them all of the experiences that I've had so far.

I can't wait for the next opportunity to go back up again!

Your friend

Dave Kasper